About Me

Hi I’m Erin, and I love Board Games and Tabletop RPGs. I’ve been married to an amazing man for 11 years (who gets all the credit for me falling in love with board games), and two kids, a 3 year old girl and 1 year old boy.

Motherhood changed gaming a lot for me because I couldn’t just indulge in gaming for hours on end anymore. I had these little people to tend to and was a little disappointing when I couldn’t have all the fun too.This began my desire to connect with other women who also have young children, and could understand my sediments.

I love gaming because it allows me to connect with others outside of social media and gets us off our mobile devices. As a stay at home mom it’s so great to have time to myself doing something I love. My kids are my world, but as any parent knows having time away helps you to be a better parent.

I’m happy you are here, please feel free to connect with me, or join our Facebook community and connect with other moms who love gaming too. I’m excited to get to know you!