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Gaming as a Mom, How to have the best experience

I know what you’re thinking, it shouldn’t be any different. Yet why do I feel like I’m the third wheel every game night?

If you’ve read my about me, you know that I have two little kids. I’m also a stay at home mom, so I’m practically with them 24/7. Every Friday night we have game night, and once my two get tucked into bed, mama gets to have some fun without the kids. I look forward to Friday’s all week, but sometimes they don’t go as planned. Ever been there? They baby wakes up, the toddlers thirsty, no one wants to sleep and I end up bowing out or sitting with a babbling one year old in a high chair next to the table desperately trying to squeeze out any fun from the situation.

Me and the kids on a sleepless night, trying to make the best of our situation.

I came up with a list, because I’ve been there to many times thinking about how I could make game night more fun for me too.

First, if you can’t get out yet see if your friends will game at your house. As I stated above, sometimes I sit the baby in a high chair, jumper, or play pen near the table. He is a horrible night sleeper so we do what we have to do since both my husband and I both play, but if you have a family member or babysitter willing to watch your children so you can play that’s awesome too!

Second, finding the right gaming group is essential. Honestly my group is gold! I can’t say enough about how flexible and amazing they are with me having to leave to nurse or just be absent from the game. My DM to one of my games would literally throat punch anyone who has anything bad to say about me leaving. So don’t give up find the best gaming group for you. If you’re looking for a local gaming group check out our Facebook community. (Click here to Join! I really want to make a safe space for women to connect! )

Third, preparation is key, we do what we have to,to keep everyone happy. I make sure I tire the kids out, they are fed, bathed, and ready for bed by a certain time so not everyone is waiting once they arrive at my house. I find if I’m organized and can get the kids moving on their normal schedule, my night goes a little smoother. That’s not to say the baby won’t wake up, but I try hard to prepare things to keep him busy nearby while I play.

Being a mom is hard, so being able to do the things you love is essential. I know that we love our kids and will do anything for them, but part of being an awesome mother means taking time out for self care. Game night is part of my self care regimen. Don’t skip out on game night, you deserve a little fun too!

How do you enjoy game nights? If you have little ones are you able to play or do you struggle too? Let me know in the comments!

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