Teaching Kids through Roleplaying Games

Do you play Role playing Games and wish you could get your kids involved? Do ever wonder if you could be teaching them through role playing? Then you need to keep reading because this post is all about that!


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On any given day I will watch my daughter play out a number of scenarios. Either from what she has seen on TV, something I did with her, or her own made up adventure. 

I’ve heard others tell me how kids learn better through play, and I have to agree. I’ve spent a lot of time trying to get my daughter ready for Preschool this fall. I have to say it’s way more fun playing. I have tried sitting with flash cards and it just ends with everyone frustrated.

Just last week you probably saw a post about me “babysitting” my daughters baby doll so she could “visit Jim in the dark lands”. She was playing out adventures from her current favorite show Troll Hunters.  When she returned from her adventure, I asked her a bunch of questions about why she was there and what she was doing and She was using her problem solving skills. Much more fun than flash cards. 

Playing with your kids is essential to them learning and growing. No matter how old they are they can learn from basic role play skills 

Imagination – character creation, not necessarily on a sheet of paper really helps with imagination. I can’t tell you how many times we have pink or purple dragons circling the kitchen during lunch. Her imagination is so wild because I believe this is an important life skill, sometimes I wish my imagination was as wild as hers.

Storytelling – during those dragon lunches, I ask questions and she tells me a story. For older kids this could be such a great creative writing exercise. Giving their an imagination a chance to flourish while they write a story. For younger kids this can be as simple as making up a character and having the. Tell you what they are doing. 

Math – rolling dice to chose your adventure or see how your adventure is going is awesome. This doesn’t have to be apart of anything grand. Although I can’t wait to play a family adventure with my kids one day, toddlers and preschoolers LOVE rolling dice. I actually have a picture of our son with a big D20 because he just loved rolling it. My daughter loves to know what she is rolling and it gives us an opportunity to use it to teach her numbers. 

Working together – In an adventure in life we usually are working with others to help solve problems weather it is a made up adventure or at work or school. Learning to let others shine and use their best abilities is a very valuable life skill. When kids learn that you have to work together they are learning how to treat others with respect and encourage others to use their best skills, and to know what their own strengths and weaknesses may be.

There are so many great things kids can learn from role playing, so don’t think that they can’t learn from having fun with you. If you are not the type to make up your own adventures and you need a little help with where to go next here are a few role playing games that can aide you in role play.

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Do You Roleplay with your kids? If so what adventures do you go on? Let me know in the Comments.

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